village of boulder creek
village of boulder creek
comfortable, peaceful, and independent senior living in jackson

Welcome to the Village of Boulder Creek

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Thank you for your interest in the Village of Boulder Creek Retirement Community. Our goal is to provide safe and affordable homes to independent individuals or couples in their retirement years.

All of our homes are new, with features or amenities that cater to the independent senior, allowing them the freedom to travel or to just take a break from maintaining a larger house. Our homes are individual houses in a rural setting, not duplexes or apartments. This is strictly an over 55 community. The development is located west of Jackson, Missouri, and a quarter mile past the Highway 34/72 intersection just off Highway 34. The homes are available through a yearly lease program and do not require a huge up front cash deposit. A security deposit and the first month's rent is all that is required. To keep the homes affordable we do not provide any nursing services. Because each home is available through a 12 month lease, there are no long term commitments.

Too many times we have seen friends and neighbors in their golden years that have had to sell their home and move into an apartment or a nursing home just because they couldn't maintain the upkeep on their larger home. They don't need nursing care, but they can't find any place to live without the hassles of home maintenance. Apartment complexes are full of young families, noise, and loud music. Nursing homes cost a lot of money and there is a loss of independence.

Where is the middle ground? Why can't seniors after working hard all their life toward retirement, find a home that fits their needs? The Village of Boulder Creek was developed to be an answer to these questions.

Our community development, because of the restrictions is quiet and safe. We don't allow mini bikes, four wheelers, skateboards, barking dogs, etc. The layout of the road is in a large circle which will exclude any drive though traffic, and perfect for walking.

The speed limit is 15 MPH and is strictly enforced. A sign at the entrance of the subdivision states that the Village of Boulder Creek is a private community and only residents and their guests or companies providing services to the residents are be allowed on the property. Tenants are encouraged to plant gardens or flowers if they wish. As the community has grown and everyone has gotten to know their neighbors, people have built neighborly friendships. We have seen that people look out for each other and that an informal neighborhood watch has formed within the community. Our maintenance crews plow the snow from the roads and keep all of the common ground neat and tidy.

The homes are contemporary and most importantly, meet the needs of the independent senior. Because of the high building standards, the average monthly utility costs average $130.00. Each home has an operational security system and is built to today's standards with regard to safety and efficiency. There are no steps to stumble up or down! Every home is handicapped accessible with over 10 handicapped features not available in the standard duplex or apartment. You can review these features here.

Every home sits on a separate lot that is the size of a cozy city sized lot. We have tried to strike a balance between the amount of space between the homes (to create a feeling of independence) and the amount of maintenance required to care for the yard. Yes, each home does include a yard. All of the lawn maintainence is included at no extra charge.

For those of you that are scratching your head and thinking, "How can I have all the conveniences of a standard home and not have to worry about the day-to-day maintenance and upkeep? Isn't that the reason why I sold my big house?" Here is the solution that we are most excited about: We offer Optional and Luxury Services that you can choose from to suit your needs. Most of you will be moving into our homes from a bigger house or even from larger farms.

Our homes are leased just like any other apartment or duplex. It is set up on a 12 month lease with a security deposit. Every year you can renew the lease. This short term lease does not lock you into a long term agreement. We have tried to keep our lease policy as simple as possible and to keep the rent affordable at $795 per month. All of the utilities are the responsibility of the renter.

We think that the benefits of having your own home, living in a quiet neighborhood of like minded people and being especially designed to fit the needs of seniors. For details about the lease agreement, click here.

In an attempt to make your experience as comfortable as possible, we have eliminated several of the negative connotations that go along with the idea of living in a rural development. One advantage is that we are in a great rural area, just two minutes from town. In fact, the time it takes to drive from the entrance of the Village to city limits is just three minutes. For those who don't drive or prefer not to, the Cape Area Transit will come and take you where ever you need to go in the Cape or Jackson area. We are located minutes away from numerous family practice physicians, dentists, and pharmacies in Jackson and just a twenty five minute drive to the hospitals in Cape Girardeau. As for fire protection, Village of Boulder Creek is equipped with fire hydrants and some of our tenants can look out the back window and see the Millersville Fire Department building about 100 yards to the east. Law Enforcement is provided by the Cape Girardeau County Sheriff's Office and the Missouri State Highway Patrol is located in the city of Jackson.

We want your retirement living experience to be as pleasant, enjoyable, and hassle free as possible. Our innovative idea allows freedom, affordability, safety and independence at a comfort level not found anywhere in this area. Most importantly we offer choices that allow you to determine the level of home maintenance that fits your level of need.